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AHMP Chapters
AHMP Chapter Map

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First Coast New England

CyberChapter ^map

Areas Covered: All U.S. and International

Chapter Web Address: AHMP CyberChapter

Chapter Contact(s): Sarah Henderson, President; Michael Bain, Vice President

Alabama ^map

State/Province: Alabama

Areas Covered: Alabama

Chapter Web Address: Alabama Society Of Hazardous Materials Managers

Chapter Contact(s): Sally Smith, President; Robert Tomlinson, CHMM, Vice President

Phone: (256) 552-1386

Thunderbird ^map

State/Province: Arizona

Areas Covered: Phoenix

Chapter Contact(s): Michael Ford, CHMM, President; Dwight Clark, CHMM, Vice President

Phone: (602) 361-7475

Northern CA ^map

State/Province: California

Areas Covered: Northern California

Chapter Web Address: Northern CA Chapter-AHMP

Chapter Contact(s): Michael Kumpf, CHMM, President; Amanda Cruz, Vice President

Rocky Mountain  ^map

State/Province: Colorado

Areas Covered: Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah

Chapter Web Address: Rocky Mountain Chapter of AHMP

Chapter Contact(s): Heather Barbare, President; Andrew Umyn, CHMM, Vice President

Connecticut ^map

State/Province: Connecticut

Chapter Web Address: Connecticut Chapter - CHMM

Chapter Contact(s): Laura Zadric, CHMM, President, Stephanie Boyd, CHMM, Vice President

National Capital ^map

State/Province: District of Columbia

Areas Covered: Metropolitan Washington DC area including Virginia and Maryland

Chapter Web Address: National Capital Chapter

Chapter Contact(s): Stacy Kahatapitiya, CHMM President; Regina Mowad, CHMM, Vice President

First Coast ^map

State/Province: Florida

Areas Covered: Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia

Chapter Web Address: First Coast Chapter Facebook Page

Chapter Contact(s): Chip Carwell, CHMM, President; Anthony Cinelli, Vice President

Georgia ^map

State/Province: Georgia

Chapter Web Address: Georgia Chapter

Chapter Contact(s): John Barnard, CHMM, President, Stephen Paxton, CHMM, Vice President

Phone: (404) 310-5939

Chicago ^map

State/Province: Illinois

Areas Covered: Chicago Area

Chapter Web Address: AHMP Chicago

Chapter Contact(s): Mike Schroader, CHMM, President; Chris Latoz, CHMM, President-elect

Indiana ^map

State/Province: Indiana

Chapter Web Address: Indiana AHMP

Chapter Contact(s): John Furiak, President; Stacey Rush, Vice President

Heartland ^map

State/Province: Kansas

Areas Covered: Kansas City, Eastern Kansas, and Western Missouri

Chapter Web Address: Heartland Chapter AHMP

Chapter Contact(s): John Simpson, CHMM, President

Mid Continent ^map

State/Province: Kansas

Areas Covered: Wichita Area

Chapter Contact(s): Amber Burton, CHMM, President

Kentuckiana ^map

State/Province: Kentucky

Areas Covered: KY, Southern IN and Cincinnati, OH areas

Chapter Web Address: Kentuckiana Chapter of HMM

Chapter Contact(s): Carla Givens, P.E., President; Jennifer James Koenig, CHMM, Vice President

New England ^map

State/Province: Massachusetts

Areas Covered: New England: MA, RI, VT, NH & ME

Chapter Web Address: New England Chapter ACHMM

Chapter Contact(s): Amanda Wuoti, CHMM, President; James Rossi, CHMM, Vice President

Michigan ^map

State/Province: Michigan

Areas Covered: State of Michigan

Chapter Web Address: Michigan Association of Hazardous Materials Professionals

Chapter Contact(s): Steve Gorham, CHMM, President, Preston Smith, Vice President

North Star ^map

State/Province: Minnesota

Areas Covered: Minnesota and Western, WI

Chapter Web Address: North Star Chapter

Chapter Contact(s): Jacob Thorson, CHMM, President; Scott Blue, Vice President

Gateway ^map

State/Province: Missouri

Areas Covered: St. Louis, Missouri/Illinois Region

Chapter Web Address: Gateway Society of HMM

Chapter Contact(s): Myron C. Lewis, CHMM, President; Mary Jaun, CHMM, Vice President

Greater Ozarks ^map

State/Province: Missouri

Areas Covered: SW Missouri, NE Arkansas, SE Kansas, NE Oklahoma

Chapter Web Address: Greater Ozarks Chapter

Chapter Contact(s): Tom Bieker, CHMM President; Stacy Webb, CHMM, Vice President

Research Triangle Park ^map

State/Province: North Carolina

Areas Covered: Cities in the Research Triangle region of NC, including Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary and others

Chapter Web Address: Research Triangle Park Chapter of AHMP

Chapter Contact(s): Clinton Atkinson, CHMM, President; David Killion, Vice President

Carolinas ^map

State/Province: North Carolina

Areas Covered: Charlotte, NC Metro Area and Upstate South Carolina

Chapter Web Address: Queen City Chapter of the ACHMM

Chapter Contact(s): Andrew Street, President

Midwest Plains ^map

State/Province: Nebraska

Areas Covered: Nebraska, Iowa & South Dakota

Chapter Web Address: Midwest Plains Chapter of the CHMMs

Chapter Contact(s): Ron Eriksen, President; Melissa Landis, Vice President

New Jersey ^map

State/Province: New Jersey

Areas Covered: New Jersey

Chapter Web Address: AHMP-NJ

Chapter Contact(s): Joseph M. Galley, CHMM, President; Joseph D. Angelone, CHMM, Vice President

New Mexico ^map

State/Province: New Mexico

Areas Covered: New Mexico

Chapter Web Address: New Mexico Society of HMM

Chapter Contact(s): Timothy Stirrup, REM CHMM, President; Kelsey Forde, CIH CSP CHMM, Vice President

Finger Lakes ^map

State/Province: New York

Areas Covered: Finger Lakes Region of New York, centered in Rochester, NY

Chapter Web Address: Finger Lakes Chapter of the ACHMM

Chapter Contact(s): Dave Engert, CHMM, President; Chuck Reyes, CHMM, Vice President

Western NY ^map

State/Province: New York

Areas Covered: Western New York - Buffalo, New York and Surrounding Communities

Chapter Contact(s): Matt Holquist, CHMM, President

Central Ohio

State/Province: Ohio ^map

Areas Covered: Ohio - Primarily Central Ohio

Chapter Web Address: Central OH Chapter of CHMM

Chapter Contact(s): Dave Rice, CHMM, President; Glorianna Corman, Vice President

Northeast Ohio ^map

State/Province: Ohio

Chapter Web Address: Northeast OH Chapter of HMM

Chapter Contact(s): Stacey Silla-Marx, President; Nathan Walden, Vice President

Willamette-Columbia ^map

State/Province: Oregon

Areas Covered: NW Oregon and SW Washington

Chapter Contact(s): Nathan Phelan, CHMM, President; Tony Uliano, CHMM, Vice President

Pennsylvania Capital Area ^map

State/Province: Pennsylvania

Areas Covered: South Central Pa including York, Lancaster, Dauphin, Cumberland, Lebanon, Berks and Adams Counties

Chapter Web Address: Pennsylvania Capital Area Chapter of the ACHMM

Chapter Contact(s): Mark Bruce, CHMM, President; Tom Whitman, CHMM, Vice President

Philadelphia ^map


Areas Covered: Philadelphia and surrounding areas

Chapter Web Address: Philadelphia Chapter of the ACHMM

Chapter Contact(s): David Hoppy, CHMM, President

Nashville ^map

State/Province: Tennessee

Areas Covered: Greater Metro Nashville Area & Middle Tenneessee

Chapter Web Address: Nashville Chapter-AHMP

Chapter Contact(s): Brad Glisson, CHMM, President

East Tennessee ^map

State/Province: Tennessee

Areas Covered: East Tennessee

Chapter Web Address: East TN Chapter of AHMP

Chapter Contact(s): Pamela Rudd, President

Mid South ^map

State/Province: Tennessee

Areas Covered: West TN, North MS, Eastern AR

Chapter Contact(s): Katherine Terry, CHMM, President; Toleda Burton, CHMM, Vice President

Buffalo Bayou ^map

State/Province: Texas

Areas Covered: Greater Houston Area

Chapter Web Address: Buffalo Bayou Chapter

Chapter Contact(s): Karl Mueller, CHMM, President; Morriss Barney, Vice President

Lone Star ^map

State/Province: Texas

Areas Covered: Austin/Central Texas

Chapter Web Address: The Lone Star Chapter

Chapter Contact(s): Monica Hartman, President

Dallas-Fort Worth ^map

State/Province: Texas

Areas Covered: Dallas, Ft. Worth and North Texas

Chapter Web Address: Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of HHM

Chapter Contact(s): Chad Vadnais, CHMM, President; Barry Hallmark, CHMM, Vice President

Old Dominion ^map

State/Province: Virginia

Areas Covered: Southeast Virginia to Richmond, VA

Chapter Web Address: Old Dominion Chapter of AHMP

Chapter Contact(s): Tony Banks, CHMM, President

Pacific Northwest ^map

State/Province: Washington

Areas Covered: Western Washington, including Seattle area

Chapter Web Address: Pacific NW Chapter - AHMP

Chapter Contact(s): Piper Roelen, CHMM, President; Tim Nickell, CHMM, Vice President

Eastern Washington ^map

State/Province: Washington

Chapter Web Address: Eastern WA Chapter of ACHMM

Chapter Contact(s): Chuck Mulkey CHMM, President; Andrea Hopkins, CHMM, Vice President

Phone: (509) 373-4434

Bangalore, India ^map

Areas Covered: Special International Chapter of India

Chapter Web Address: ACHMM Bangalore, India Chapter

Chapter Contact(s): Dr. Rampur Viswanath, CHMM, President; Dr. Bangalor S. Jai Prakash, CHMM,

AHMP Sections

Nevada Section^map

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Oklahoma Section^map

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San Diego Section^map

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