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Elections for AHMP Officers and At-Large Directors

IMPORTANT: Vote by Thursday, August 17

The AHMP Leadership Committee’s call for additional nominations for open positions on the Board of Directors closed on Thursday, July 27.

As set forth in Section 4 of the AHMP Bylaws, an election is necessary whenever a nomination from the membership is received. One was received and an election is being held. All AHMP members in good standing are eligible to vote. To ensure the neutrality and objectivity of the election, AHMP uses an independent third party election service to manage the process.

No additional nominations were received for the Vice President-President Elect and Secretary positions as recommended by the Leadership Committee. Please confirm the elections of Eric R. Johnson to a one-year term as Vice President-President Elect and Mark D. Smith to a two-year term as Secretary or provide the name of an AHMP member in good standing as a write-in candidate on the Official Ballot.

One nomination was received for an At-Large Director position (a three-year term running through 2020). Please vote for two of the three nominations or provide the name of a member in good standing as a write-in candidate on the Official Ballot.

The nominees and their brief bios are:

  • B.J. Atkins

    Click to view bio →

  • Danny Province


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  • Amber C. Steed

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    To vote for two of the three nominees, you must use the Official Ballot. If you choose to write-in the name of an alternative candidate, that individual must be an AHMP Certified member in good standing, and the individual must have prior knowledge of and consent to their name being listed on your ballot.

    Your completed and signed ballot can be returned to AHMP via email, fax or postal mail – but must be received by 5:00 pm ET on Thursday, August 17. Ballots that are not signed, are received after the deadline, and/or contain votes for more than two candidates will be discarded.

    This is your opportunity to impact who represents you as a leader of the Alliance and guides the future direction of the organization. So take the brief amount of time required to participate in this important process and to let your voice be heard!


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