AHMP Membership Categories

There are five different Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals™ (AHMP) membership categories:

Certified Member - Any individual who has achieved a hazardous materials management related certifying credential from the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM), or other accredited certifying programs recognized by the BoD may be admitted as a Certified member (annual dues are $125).

Professional Member - Any individual who does not meet the requirements of a Certified Member, but has achieved at least ten (10) years experience in the field of hazardous materials management, with a bachelors degree, or higher, counting as 4 years and associates degree as 2 years of experience, may be admitted as a Professional Member (annual dues are $125).

Associate Member - Associate Members are individuals who do not meet the qualifications of a Certified or Professional Member, but are a stakeholder in the hazardous materials management industry (annual dues are $125).

Retired: Open to retired individuals who wish to stay active in the profession. (annual dues are $25).

Student: Open to current students. May not hold elective office or vote in national elections (annual dues are $20).

Organizational Member: Organizational Membership in AHMP offers unparalleled opportunities to gain visibility and build connections for your organization to reach AHMP members across a spectrum of AHMP activities throughout the year at the lowest possible prices. To better meet your needs, AHMP offers four levels of Organizational Membership.

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