AHMP Chapter Awards

Chapter Awards (Three)


Document achievement of the mandatory criterion and at least five of the following criteria in the previous calendar year:

  1. Chapter must be affiliated and in good standing with AHMP. ***MANDATORY***
  2. Maintain an updated web site with the following minimum content: names and contact information for all officers, directors and committee chairs; chapter bylaws and procedures; AHMP and chapter events calendar; mission and vision of AHMP and chapter; link to AHMP website; method for communicating website problems, questions and comments
  3. Sponsor/offer an EHMM or other certification overview/exam preparation course
  4. Produce and distribute to members and/or others at least one printed or electronic newsletter, minutes, flyer or brochure
  5. Perform at least one community based outreach project
  6. Achieve media visibility (e.g. interview, press release, etc.) for your chapter, the hazardous materials management profession and credentials, and/or or the AHMP. May be in professional or public media.
  7. Sponsor, individually or jointly with another professional organization, a professional conference with multiple presentations of at least one-half day in length
  8. Conduct at least four professional development programs (presentations, conference, seminar, tours, etc. related to hazardous materials management)
  9. Increase net chapter membership by 10%
  10. Have at least 70% of chapter members also members of AHMP
  11. Be the host chapter and participate in planning and execution for the AHMP annual conference, leadership workshop or other professional development event.
  12. Develop and host an AHMP webinar
  13. Attendance of a chapter delegate at the annual Chapter Development Committee meeting at the AHMP annual conference.

This award may be given as many times as a nominee qualifies for it, in years consecutive or otherwise – no limits. Obtain the Distinguished Chapter Recognition Award Evaluation form/cover sheet here.


The chapter must have a program for outgoing and incoming communications with members and the general public. Chapters’ communication program will be evaluated based on creativity in the use of written and/or electronic communications media; quality, effectiveness, and currency of communications; overall appearance and consistency of image and message; and effectiveness in promoting the chapter, AHMP, the hazardous materials management profession, and hazardous materials management credentials.

The following are examples of communications media that will be evaluated:

  1. Paper
  2. Web/internet
  3. Email
  4. Social media
  5. External providers (newspapers, magazines, news wires, electronic media)

Effective communication of the following minimum content is required for award consideration:

  1. Calendar of events for chapter and AHMP events and programs
  2. Contact information for all chapter officers, directors, and committee chairs and AHMP Executive Director and President (may be by web link)
  3. Chapter and AHMP membership information
  4. Chapter bylaws
  5. Chapter event and professional development programs announcements and information
  6. News, information, articles, announcements, etc., pertinent to hazardous materials professionals
  7. Promotion of chapter and AHMP elections
  8. Promotion of the AHMP, AHMP website, and AHMP products and events

Narrative description of communications program and successes, program statistics for the award year, and copies/images of communications “products” (web address is sufficient for that medium). This award may be given as many times as a nominee qualifies for it and scores higher than all other qualified nominees. Obtain the Chapter Communication Program of the Year Award Evaluation form/cover sheet here.


Must be a Distinguished Chapter in the previous calendar year and achieve the cumulative overall best performance in all the following areas:

  1. Percentage of members that are also AHMP members
  2. Number/percentage of non-CHMM certified members
  3. Number and level of cooperative relationships with other professional organizations, especially certifying organizations (“Level” describes the depth of cooperation, e.g. “low” (invited to each other’s meetings), “medium” (present at many meetings, invited to assist in projects), “high” (routine collaboration on meetings, speakers, tours, projects, regional conferences, etc.)
  4. Number and variety of professional development and education programs for members and prospective members (“Variety” reflects low, medium, or high degree of variability in the areas of interest presented)
  5. Number and scope of successful promotional (visibility) activities related to the hazardous materials management profession, professional certifications, the chapter, and the AHMP (“Scope” means low, medium, or high visibility of these activities) 
  6. Efforts and accomplishments in support of the AHMP strategic mission and AHMP and/or Chapter membership expansion
  7. Modes, creativity, and success at communicating with members and the public
  8. Community service and education
  9. Promotion of environmental sustainability principals and incorporation of environmental sustainability principals in chapter activities

This award may be given as many times as a nominee qualifies for it, in years consecutive or otherwise – no limits. Obtain the Chapter of the Year Award Evaluation form/cover sheet here.