Ideabook! AHMP Chapter Activity Resource

The purpose of the Idea Book is to provide chapters across the country with ideas or information about successful activities in which ACHMM chapters have been involved. This book will strengthen our organization by enabling all chapters to become more successful in their endeavors by sharing chapter information nationwide.

Below is a link to an Acrobat (pdf) file of a spreadsheet developed by Russ Schifferly and the Michigan Chapter. Also included is an Excel template to use for creating your own IdeaBooks.

Michigan ACHMM Chapter Idea Book (pdf, 17KB)

Download this Idea Book Template! (xls, 17KB)

If the above Excel sheet does not open for you, try this .zip file instead.

In order to share information about your chapter's successful activities with other chapters, please include all activities, including unsuccessful ones, in your idea book using the template provided above.

For example, the activities could include general membership meetings, facility tours, exam review classes, chapter annual conferences, ACHMM annual conferences, fundraisers, charitable events, social events, co-sponsored events, and any other activities that chapters are involved in. Please include a detailed description of the activity so others can understand what was undertaken. Next, include the activity frequency: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually. Rank the activity using the rating scale incuded in the footer of the idea book template. Also include a list of fators critical to the success of the activity with specific details on the important items to be considered. Finally, estimate the cost of the event to the chapter and to its members.

Idea Book submissions will be compiled and sent to all chapters, and placed on the web site for all to benefit. Submit your Idea Books via email to, or fax them to the national office (301) 634-7431.

Thanks to Russ Schifferly and the Michigan Chapter for initiating this project! And we appreciate your support in providing information on your chapter activities. This will prove most useful in helping our chapters strengthen their local organizations, adding value to their membership and the CHMM Program.